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TIP 2 Plan for Action, Not Reaction – Efficiency in Medical Practice Management

Efficiency in Medical Practice Management

TIP 2 Plan for Action, Not Reaction – Efficiency in Medical Practice Management

06 Nov 2015

Most of us have all good intentions to start the day on a positive productive note. But on walking into the office the phone is ringing and you have at least 3 post it notes on the desk market “urgent” and you haven’t even looked at your emails yet!  Sound familiar?

Six D Planning and Sorting

Emails, letters, files in your pending tray, phone messages can all be sorted using the 6 D method

1 DO– can it be sorted in 5 minutes? Reply Respond Return

2 DELEGATE-Re-route to another team member –Forward On

3 DATE-This is a to do later list by adding it to the practice management calendar whether for your attention that afternoon or another day.

4 DISCARD.-Do you really need all those note books emails and lists? What can you safely shred, recycle and delete?

5 DRAWER– This is you not sure pile. No sure if its needed for the practice management system, not sure if you’ll use it, not sure if anyone else needs it

6 DETER-What don’t you need, don’t have time for.


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This new way of thinking will take a while to implement properly. Surround yourself with labels files, filing system, medical practice management software, recycling bins, post it notes. Even though there will still be the same amount to sort and tasks to perform you will feel more organised in your head and feel a sense of purposeful planning. Ease yourself into this new systematic thinking. It really does reduce distractions and reduces “brain clutter”

If you want to get even more productive, organised and save time Contact PPM Software  or read our last tip on planning for action here.