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Save Admin Time

We can hear you asking: So how will ‘PPM’ save me time? Well here’s how:

  • You only have to enter data once.  It will then appear wherever it is required.
  • You will be able to process your invoices in seconds.
  • The tiresome and time consuming job of producing reminders is reduced to a matter of minutes.
  • Want to chase all the shortfalls? Preformatted letters can be produced in under 10 seconds!
  • Fed up stuffing envelopes? – send your invoices electronically.
  • Are you tired of spending hours collating the year end statistics for the practice accountant?  With ‘PPM’ it’s done in minutes!
  • Want to know what the practice is owed?  Three clicks and you will be able to display the Aged Debtors List.
  • All letters are pre-designed to your exact requirements so no cut and pasting required.
  • Need to know all the patients who have had a particular diagnosis or procedure? No need to search through files, just a few clicks will produce the answer.

In summary, ‘PPM’ will do in seconds many tasks that currently take you hours!

Over 2,000 surgeons in the UK use PPM Software every day


Should be called Perfect Private Practice Manager - user friendly, idiot proof and a definite time saver!

Joe Bloggs

Mrs Chris Tait

Brighton Nuffield Hospital

Using Private Practice Manager saves me time during my hectic day as it avoids unnecessary duplication of data.

Joe Bloggs

Zoe Metcalf

Secretary to Professor N Bundred, Mr G Byrne, Miss V Rose, Mr J Murphy and Mr J Duncan - Spire Hospital Manchester

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