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Practice Management Software

The administrative work associated with managing a medical practice is substantial. Any issues with the organisation of patient information can have a heavy impact on the level of patient care you can offer. Handling administrative duties can be tough and require a great deal of time but PPM Software can offer you a great solution that is guaranteed to not only make managing your practice easier but also reduce the amount of time you will need to spend on administration.

PPM is a leading provider of medical practice management software. We have served this industry since 1992, spending a great deal of time developing our software and improving our knowledge of the challenges faced by practitioners. We feel that our product gives practitioners a fantastic array of benefits that can streamline the management of their practice and even help them to improve cash flows by ensuring patients make their payments on time.

The software is a fully integrated system that comes in four parts; administrative, financial, information and patient care. Data entry is simplified and all information can easily be logged, changed or added to. Financially the system can help you produce billing and send automated payment required notices to patients. The easy storage and compilation of information makes it easy to find patient details and even produce reports about the wellbeing of the business. Easy access to patient information speeds up all queries and makes diagnosing the patient easier.

PPM software experts are highly trained and can help you get the best out of your software. They are also on hand to fix any problems you encounter whilst using the system. To learn more about how our software can make managing your practice easier please call 01922 655 940.