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Medical Office Software

Managing a medical practice creates some huge challenges especially when it comes to organising the flood of information you receive and handling the processing and billing of patients. Traditionally all of this would be done by administrative staff and require a great deal of time, effort and cost. PPM Software is proud to offer a far more efficient and cost effective solution in the form of their medical office software.

PPM Software has spent many years developing high quality software to simplify and speed up the management of private medical practices. Since 1992 we have supplied software for all types of medical practices from private clinics to hospitals. We help all sized businesses including sole practitioners, group practices and large private hospitals. We even supply software for many practitioners under the Nuffield and BUPA banners.

The PPM software is a fully integrated system that can be scaled to suit any sized practice. It makes organising and managing data for more efficient and can also help you to handle all billing, invoicing and receipts. Information about client payment schedules can be input with automated reminders sent out when payments are due. With our software the information you require is easily at hand and can easily be edited or updated.

Also on offer when you choose our software is full technical assistance courtesy of highly trained technicians. They can provide full installation and teach you how to use the software. If an issue arises at any time whilst you use our software a simple phone call can get you the help you need, guiding you through the process to fix the problem.

For further information please telephone PPM at 01922-655-940 or send us an email at info@ppmsoftware.com.