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Medical & Financial Analysis

Improve diagnosis and procedure analysis

Every diagnosis made and procedure performed is recorded against the patient file.  This means you will have a complete medical history for each patient and you can analyse both across a group of patients or all your patients.

You can also analyse how many times you have made the same diagnosis or carried out a particular procedure.  This is particularly helpful if you need to identify the latter urgently as you will have the information in seconds.

Other Analysis

  • How many new patients have I acquired this year?
  • Which GP has referred the most patients?
  • Who has referred patients to me?
  • Why are patients coming for a follow up appointment?
  • How many consultations have I had this year?

Financial Statistics

  • Produce year end accounts information in minutes
  • How much am I owed?
  • How much of what I am owed is Shortfalls?
  • Produce monthly management reports – how much have I invoiced, how much have I been paid, how much have I spent?
  • What am I spending money on?

All of the above and much more is available with a maximum of 4 mouse clicks!

Over 2,000 surgeons in the UK use PPM Software every day


Should be called Perfect Private Practice Manager - user friendly, idiot proof and a definite time saver!

Joe Bloggs

Mrs Chris Tait

Brighton Nuffield Hospital

Using Private Practice Manager saves me time during my hectic day as it avoids unnecessary duplication of data.

Joe Bloggs

Zoe Metcalf

Secretary to Professor N Bundred, Mr G Byrne, Miss V Rose, Mr J Murphy and Mr J Duncan - Spire Hospital Manchester

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