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Interruptions! Who needs them?

Quit multitasking and Start Chunking your Time

Interruptions! Who needs them?

13 Jan 2016

Every business experiences the panic that occurs when you are working towards a tight deadline and constant interruptions seem to be preventing you from focusing. Medical practices are no different. In fact with patients sitting in a waiting room you are working in a very exposed work environment and disorganisation and overwhelm can be seen and witnessed by the very people you want to appear professional, calm and collected in front of.

Plan your interruptions where possible.
Turning off social media and resist the temptation to have your emails always opened. Instead schedule ‘chunks’ of time to check your emails every hour maybe but ideally 4 times a day.

Emails- sort a) urgent b) deal with today c) can wait until another day.

Time yourself over 3 days as to how much time is wasted dealing with non urgent emails. It is a real eye opener!

Creating an open-door culture within your private practice can mean that you are constantly interrupted. Instead try to block out time in your week when colleagues can come and see you. Interruptions don’t just interrupt the flow of work but create stress with your private practice management as a whole. Impacting on creativity, work flow and team delegation.

By planning your interruptions you can improve your focus and productivity and this will filter throughout your practice right down to the patient’s experience of the practice. Installing practice management software such as PPM Software can reduce the interruptions.

“Can I just…”? The art of managing interruptions.

On the face of it, it probably seems pretty inconceivable that we can manage interruptions in our busy practices, especially as they can be an unpredictable thing. It’s good to remember though that whilst issues will arise if they can be managed and channelled then they can be dealt with much more efficiently.

First off, not all interruptions are direct. Tempting though it is, we should try using a system for handling potential demands efficiently. Follow a do it, delegate it defer it, ditch it process

“My door is always open” is often said, though arguably rarely used, phrase from the private practice owners and practice managers to staff. However, it might be better if the door was only open through certainly slots in the day or even week. Having a time they can come without causing delays for the manager should be considered. Of course, you would have to make sure you are free to see them. If there are emergencies then you will need some flexibility though. If you want to talk to a PPM software representative for a demo on how our system can not only save time, and your sanity, but when using it in an open plan waiting room will help to create that calm collected professional working environment that your patients will want to experience.