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How to ease financial pressures in private practices.

Ease financial pressures in private practices.

How to ease financial pressures in private practices.

18 Apr 2016

There’s no doubt that doctors in private practices face many financial challenges – you’re a small business owner as much as you are a medical specialist. However, you may have never received any type of formal training in corporate finance or practice management.

It means you spend a lot of time glued to your computer completing financial tasks – like compiling invoices and reviewing monthly statements. And when it comes to more complex issues, such as balancing budgets, the amount of hours spent may seem overwhelming – and a huge waste of your resources. Some financial tasks are actually in complete conflict with patient care. Chasing payments is a delicate issue, and can even have a detrimental affect on your relationship with your patients.

This mounting financial burden is also keeping you from spending enough time in the clinic. In fact, over 58% of doctors last year stated they spend more than one day a week on paperwork.

With so many important financial tasks in your control, you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. It’s vital you use a medical management software solution to help streamline the entire process.

We’ve compiled the major benefits of Private Practice Manager.

1. Invoicing is easy.

PPM invoices each patient promptly in a just a few clicks. Every invoice has a unique reference number and automatically features all the the necessary data – including contact information, insurance codes, CCSD codes, a description of the procedure and the amount outstanding.

2. It eases the pressure of chasing payments.

With our Private Practice Management Software, all patient data is recorded in a secure, accessible platform. Its means shortfalls can be calculated quickly, and followed up with written communications. This not only offers peace of mind that payments are being handled in an efficient manner, it also relieves the stress of chasing patients – ensuring you maintain a polite, professional and positive relationship with your patients.

3. Budget reports are created in a few clicks.

Your finances are managed by our secure system, so it’s easy to generate budget reports, monitor expenses and handle payments. You can view financial records on any device at the touch of button – ideal for balancing income and expenses. Plus, you can access financial histories alongside patient data – for complete transparency throughout your staff.

Manage your practice efficiently with PPM Software.

Our Private Practice Manager software has all your financial duties covered. It handles a whole host of administrative tasks – from billing to budgets – saving you time, money and resources. And all data is fully protected by proven encryption methods – ensuring financial security and complete patient confidentiality.

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