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Why is customer service important in private practices?

Patient Care

Why is customer service important in private practices?

25 Apr 2016

In the private medical sector, patients have options. Those treated by a distracted doctor or left to languish in the waiting room can simply go elsewhere. In such a competitive environment, customer service is a distinguishing factor in the overall health of your practice. But many private practices overlook it.

A positive patient experience makes all the difference.

Customer service is what patients remember – and what they’ll pass on to their friends and family. Whether a patient receives a positive or negative medical outcome, they’ll recommend your practice on the level of care they received. Patients treated with kindness and respect are also more likely to be loyal and return to your clinic for further treatment. Therefore, maintaining excellent customer service is a major factor in the prosperity of your private practice.

Everyone in your practice – from receptionists to surgeons – must embrace the responsibility. This ensures each patient receives the highest level of care throughout their treatment. It’s down to private practice managers to bring everyone up to speed.

We’ve selected three simple ways to create a culture of service excellence in your practice.

1. Invest in training.

In-house training will help your medical professionals see customer service in a positive light. It’ll show them easy ways to deliver a positive experience – and demonstrate how important it is for your practice and patients alike.

2. Private Practice Management Software.

Employing a medical management software solution in your private practice will streamline all your administrative tasks – saving you time, money and resources. Your staff will have more time to spend with patients delivering excellent customer service. And thanks to their unburdened workload, doctors will also feel less stressed, and therefore be more able to deliver a higher level of patient care throughout the day.

3. Create a culture of positive reinforcement.

Recognising team members who have delivered an excellent patient experience will not only improve customer service, but staff morale too. But this doesn’t have to mean monetary bonuses. Everything from a pat on the back to a branded certificate will go a long way to show your appreciation.
Customer service is vital in any industry – but the need is more acute in private medical practices. Following the measures mentioned requires small input for a major return – and above all, will help improve bedside behaviour, refine your reputation and boost your business.

We practice what we preach.

At PPM Software, our clients are our utmost priority. Our leading customer service advisors always go the extra mile to answer any queries, big or small. If a problem can’t be solved over the phone, we’ll arrange a site visit. And our dedicated technical team delivers hassle-free support, whenever you need it.

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