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PPM Software is an indispensable tool for private practices across the country. Our software boasts numerous features to benefit medical professionals and help them run their clinic - from streamlined scheduling to instant reporting.

Over 2,000 UK practices already benefit from PPM Software, including:

Nuffield Health Spire BMI Healthcare

PPM Software offers huge benefits to private hospitals and independent practices alike – delivering streamlined services for practitioners in all specialisms. Discover how PPM Software can have a positive impact on your private practice below.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

Orthopaedic clinics cater for a wide range of patients and procedures – from routine hip replacements to transformative trauma surgeries. Therefore, Orthopaedic surgeons often cite PPM Software’s monthly management reports as the leading benefit.

Reports can be customised so medical professionals can instantly access financial data, patient histories, scans, documents, photographs and X-rays. PPM Software also streamlines all administration duties, allowing increased surgical capacity within the practice.

Plastic Surgeons

For plastic surgeons precision is key, and the most prominent benefit of PPM Software for this specialism is organisation. All administration, scheduling, finance and communications are handled efficiently, and streamlined into accessible reports.

The ability to store photographs in a digital patient file is equally vital, allowing practitioners to monitor cosmetic progress, and demonstrate aesthetic advancements to the patient. Surgeons also gain more time to track the physiological impact procedures may have on their patients, ensuring they’re completely content with the changes.

General Surgeons

The stand out benefit for general surgeons is PPM Software’s instant access reporting. Patient medical details are kept up to date, and are easily accessible in the clinic – a vital tool for surgeons who handle a huge variety of procedures. You also can import documents, photographs, test results and C T scans to aid diagnosis.

The CCSD schedule is able to be viewed either on the main network or remotely, ensuring surgeons across the department are informed of the appropriate standardised codes. These key features offer general surgeons more time to focus on what matters to them – their patients.

Obstetrics & Gynaecological Surgeons

For OB/GYN, having up to date scans is the leading advantage of PPM Software. Ultrasound scans can be uploaded to the streamlined system, allowing specialists to identify any abnormalities, and manage high-risk pregnancies efficiently.

Our private practice management software handles scheduling and communications, a vital tool for organising interventional treatments. It also organises finances – generating year-end and monthly management reports in just a few clicks.

ENT Surgeons

For ear, nose and throat surgeons, effective collaboration with head and neck specialties is essential. Therefore, the principle benefit of PPM Software is the streamlined automation of patient information. All data is organised in an accessible digital report – everything from notes and scans to bills and appointments – ensuring practitioners are always well-informed on the status of their patient.

It also allows ENT specialists more time to interact with their patients – increasing clinical capacity and patient satisfaction.

Urological Surgeons

The main advantages of PPM Software for Urological specialists is the presentation of cloud-based patient notes. Surgeons benefit from easy access to medical histories, scans and reports, enabling them to detect subtle changes in a patient’s condition immediately.

PPM Software also presents test results immediately – a vital tool for detecting infections early. By handling all of this – as well as scheduling, finance and communication duties – our medical management software affords doctors more time to discuss sensitive treatment plans with their patients.

Ophthalmic Surgeons

For Ophthalmology specialists, accurate diagnosis is critical to patient care. PPM Software combines patient histories, procedure notes and statistics into an instantly accessible digital report – ensuring doctors have all the necessary information to form an efficient treatment plan.

PPM Software also manages all financial administration. It means ophthalmologists and surgeons can generate year-end and monthly management reports in just a few clicks.

Neuro Surgeons

PPM Software is an indispensable tool for neurosurgeons. By managing scheduling, reporting and accounting, the system affords practitioners more time to devote to patient care – vital for diagnosis and monitoring rehabilitation. And as entire patient histories are presented on an accessible, cloud-based report, surgeons can track recovery wherever they are.

All MRI scans, photographs and X-rays are also organised into a single patient file – ideal for collaborating with orthopaedic specialists, and discussing diagnoses and treatment plans.


The leading benefit of PPM Software for anaesthetists is automated scheduling. Practitioners have full access to the surgical diary and patient reports from all specialisms. PPM Software also takes care of financing, allowing anaesthetists to generate invoices and year-end financial reports efficiently.

By handling all clinical scheduling and financial administration, our private practice management software has a positive impact for anaesthetic specialists – allowing them to gain more time to monitor their patients’ pain and aid their recovery.


Dermatologists handle a large volume of patients and treatments. Therefore, the ability to store patient photographs and histories in a digital file is a leading benefit of PPM Software – aiding organisation and early diagnosis. Scheduling is streamlined and easy to manage, allowing dermatologists to arrange treatments, procedures and check-ups efficiently.
PPM Software also organises dermatologists’ financial duties too, permitting increased surgical capacity and allowing practitioners more time to offer flexible clinical hours for their patients.


The main benefit of PPM Software for cardiologists is organisation. All administration duties are taken care of – from invoicing to scheduling – enabling practitioners more time to focus on advancing their surgical skills, tracking recovery rates and delivering patient-centred care.

PPM Software also manages critical tests, scans and charts in an accessible report – aiding medical professionals in correctly diagnosing cardiovascular conditions. Results can be accessed remotely, making it easier for cardiologists to identify risk factors and monitor patient progress.


Endoscopy plays a huge role in the diagnosis of digestive diseases, and endoscopists often treat a large volume of patients. Therefore, the leading benefit of PPM Software for this specialism is streamlined scheduling. Patients are kept informed of their upcoming procedures, while practitioners gain more time to spend interacting with patients.

PPM Software also manages financial administration – such as year-end and monthly reports. Reports can be digitally transferred to different departments – such as general surgery – to help multidisciplinary doctors handle billing efficiently.


Rheumatologists are often extremely busy – with specialists treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal diseases and autoimmune conditions. Therefore, the leading benefit of PPM Software for rheumatologists is instant access to patient data. With a quick glance, doctors can view medical histories, scans and results – a vital tool for maintaining excellent patient care.

PPM Software also organises patient communications, invoicing and scheduling – a huge task for rheumatology departments. All administration duties are streamlined – increasing surgical capacity and allowing practitioners more time to spend with their patients.

Over 2,000 surgeons in the UK use PPM Software every day


Should be called Perfect Private Practice Manager - user friendly, idiot proof and a definite time saver!

Joe Bloggs

Mrs Chris Tait

Brighton Nuffield Hospital

Using Private Practice Manager saves me time during my hectic day as it avoids unnecessary duplication of data.

Joe Bloggs

Zoe Metcalf

Secretary to Professor N Bundred, Mr G Byrne, Miss V Rose, Mr J Murphy and Mr J Duncan - Spire Hospital Manchester

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