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Optimise your private practice during the summer.

13 Jun 2016

Combat the seasonal slump. The summer slow-down is a challenge for most businesses – but especially for private medical practices. With family barbeques, day trips and exotic holidays on the horizon, people are far too busy having fun to worry about their health …Read More

How to handle budgets and forecasting in Private Medical Practices

31 May 2016

In the healthcare sector, revenues and expenses are extremely variable. While general appointment rates tend to be steady throughout the year, staff wages, training costs, medical supplies, equipment hire and utility bills are always fluctuating. It means creating a comprehensive annual budget for …Read More

Aftercare and Continuous Support

20 May 2016

Aftercare is crucial in every industry – whether you’re a car salesman, software developer or a medical practitioner. But within the healthcare industry, developing a solid support structure after treatment is absolutely crucial for every patient. After any clinical procedure, ongoing medical aftercare …Read More

Why is customer service important in private practices?

25 Apr 2016

In the private medical sector, patients have options. Those treated by a distracted doctor or left to languish in the waiting room can simply go elsewhere. In such a competitive environment, customer service is a distinguishing factor in the overall health of your …Read More

How to ease financial pressures in private practices.

18 Apr 2016

There’s no doubt that doctors in private practices face many financial challenges – you’re a small business owner as much as you are a medical specialist. However, you may have never received any type of formal training in corporate finance or practice management. …Read More

The value of patient-centred care in Private Practices

01 Mar 2016

Patient-Centred Care is cemented in discussions of quality and recovery. Alongside evidence-based medicine, personal care is increasingly linked to healthy results – when the patient feels known, respected, involved and informed they’re more likely to gain a better outcome. As everyone is different, …Read More

Interruptions! Who needs them?

13 Jan 2016

Every business experiences the panic that occurs when you are working towards a tight deadline and constant interruptions seem to be preventing you from focusing. Medical practices are no different. In fact with patients sitting in a waiting room you are working in …Read More

TIP 2 Plan for Action, Not Reaction – Efficiency in Medical Practice Management

06 Nov 2015

Most of us have all good intentions to start the day on a positive productive note. But on walking into the office the phone is ringing and you have at least 3 post it notes on the desk market “urgent” and you haven’t …Read More

2015 is Coming to an End

29 Oct 2015

By now you have started to thinking about how your private practice has performed in these last 12 months and more importantly what you want for you and your practice in 2016. We guess your 2016 goals might look something like this. Increased …Read More

Speed up your insurance invoicing with PPM EDI

21 Apr 2014

Sending invoices electronically to the main insurance companies via Healthcode has been available for some time. However, the process was cumbersome and therefore not used by many ‘PPM’ clients. The situation has now changed because Healthcode and PPM have worked together to produce …Read More