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Tip 3: Boost your Private Practice productivity with visualisation and a good career desk!

19 Nov 2015

Seeing yourself offering a successful and smooth running private practice or even visualising getting what you want from a waiting room situation is not a new “thing in business”. In fact it has quite an established history to its theory. Not something that …Read More

Tip 1 Quit multitasking and Start Chunking your Time

03 Nov 2015

Working as a manager of a medical practice often means that patients do not see what it is that you actually do on a daily basis. You are however, key in ensuring that their time spent in the medical practice is a positive …Read More

2015 is Coming to an End

29 Oct 2015

By now you have started to thinking about how your private practice has performed in these last 12 months and more importantly what you want for you and your practice in 2016. We guess your 2016 goals might look something like this. Increased …Read More

The PPM system – keeping sensitive data safe

24 Aug 2015

If you work in medicine and are responsible for patient records you may be haunted by media stories of the data that got away. In the last few years we have heard stories of patient data placed on a memory stick being lost …Read More

Setting up a private medical practice: Getting IT right

15 Jun 2015

If you are in the process of setting up a private medical practice, one of your early decisions needs to centre on your IT and computer needs. Even if you are a single consultant with a part-time secretary, you need an efficient office …Read More

Microsoft not supporting XP, how does this affect you?

21 May 2014

There’s been much press about Microsoft removing support from Windows XP, Office XP and Office 2003 as of 8th April, but how might this affect PPM Software and your practice? Whilst Windows and Office XP products will still work, not being supported means that …Read More

Getting paid on time – the real secret to wealth management

21 Mar 2014

Managing your money is crucial, but making sure you are paid on time and in full is even more important. There are two ways of doing this; the first is to muddle through with a series of reminders to call aging debtors and …Read More