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Aftercare and Continuous Support

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Aftercare and Continuous Support

20 May 2016

Aftercare is crucial in every industry – whether you’re a car salesman, software developer or a
medical practitioner. But within the healthcare industry, developing a solid support structure after
treatment is absolutely crucial for every patient.

After any clinical procedure, ongoing medical aftercare provides patients and their families with the
professional guidance they need. But regular clinical check-ups are also important for your medical staff and private practice. They enable your physicians to detect any relapse, infection or failure as soon as possible, enabling you to treat and monitor any side effects that may occur. Not only does this provide peace of mind for your patient, it also keeps recovery rates high – vital for the success and reputation of your private practice.

The type of aftercare recommended depends on the individual patient and treatment plan – ranging from a quick phone call to ongoing face-to- face consultations. In a busy private medical practice, this may seem daunting, so employing some simple strategies will go a long way to streamline your service.

1. Invest in physical recovery

Regular check-ups are important to maintain a high level of patient recovery and satisfaction. Physical examinations allow practitioners to detect any infection or abnormality, and should be arranged a few weeks after the initial procedure, with further follow-up appointments where
necessary. PPM Software automatically organises your physicians’ schedules – booking check-ups
and informing patients by digital communications.

2. Don’t just scratch the surface

While check-ups are crucial to monitor physical recovery, it’s important you don’t overlook your patients’ mental wellbeing. Taking the time to speak to patients and discuss the effects their treatment is having on them and their family, will help your doctors gain an insight into their
patient’s mental state. And with a private practice management software – such as PPM – your
practitioners will have a full patient history at their fingertips – allowing them to track any
psychological patterns that may occur. It’s not always necessary to schedule frequent consultations – a simple phone call or even a text message goes a long way to support them.

3. Obtain more clinical time

Managing current surgeries, upcoming procedures and ongoing aftercare can be a challenge –
especially in an independent private practice. But investing in a consultant-led medical
management software will significantly improve the overall organisation, efficiency and
performance of your private clinic. Day-to- day demands are automated, affording your doctors
more time with their patients – past, present and future.

At PPM Software, we also deliver comprehensive aftercare. No matter how big or small the issue,
our highly qualified team will deliver hassle-free support, whenever you need it — minimising
downtime and keeping your private practice running smoothly. Simply give us a call, and we’ll
guide you through the entire process. And if the problem cannot be solved over the phone, one of
our friendly experts will visit your site to fix it.