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2015 is Coming to an End

2015 is Coming to an End

2015 is Coming to an End

29 Oct 2015

By now you have started to thinking about how your private practice has performed in these last 12 months and more importantly what you want for you and your practice in 2016.

We guess your 2016 goals might look something like this.

  • Increased revenue
  • Happier patients
  • Better financial tracking
  • Improved front desk service
  • More Free Time

Increased Revenue

An obvious goal for 2016: repeat customer service, word of mouth recommendations and effective practice advertising and marketing are in the main. But what you may be overlooking, because you are too busy dealing with patients, is to focus more on patent acquisition and maintenance process. Surprisingly there are still a lot of consultants working with what is now archaic systems, such as excel spread sheets and manual data capturing processes that not only take time to manage but are losing you time and money.

Happier Patients.

The best way to find out on how you can improve patient care is to set up a patent review system. People make a buying decision mainly by social proof now. Reviews lead the way. It could be on Google, on your web site on social media and in your own newsletter should you have one. Reviews are over and above a feedback form. One bad review can upset a good surgeon’s reputation.

Take a look at these stats from Vitals:

  • 47% of individuals that looked up a physician online felt differently about the doctor after viewing their profile.
  • 76% of participants indicated that when it comes to determining a doctor’s qualifications to treat them, reviews from other patients were just as important as the doctor’s years of experience.
  • Nearly a quarter of participants said they would need to see at least 5 – 6 reviews or ratings to feel that they are a credible indicator about the doctor.


2015 is Coming to an End

Better financial tracking

If you are managing your practice accounts on an old system then it’s not just time consuming it isn’t safe either. You run the risk of that system becoming corrupt, putting you the consultant and your practice reputation at risk. To have in place an especially designed financial medical practice software system will save you time and money and give the peace of mind too.

For effective financial tracking you need to have in place:-

  • Instant tracking to recoup short falls
  • Send out overdue reminders
  • Year end account reporting
  • A system that allows you to get paid faster with EDI

Improved front desk service

The answer here is to automate more of the admin tasks. In your 2016 New Year Resolution make sure a top priority goal is to stop wasting valuable administration time and resources on manual jobs that can be so easily automated. The extra benefit is that you take control of your practice and your patient care. When you have medical practice management system in place most of the workflow is automated. Studies indicate that for the average private practice, at least 50% of leads are lost due to improper management.

More free time.

By simplifying and implementing a smooth running total practice management system you can delegate much more to a secure and reliable infrastructure and leave the office earlier and be well on the way to achieving your goals for 2016.